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Trying to negotiate with different banks or lenders by yourself can be a nightmare.

Banks have set loans they can offer you, and usually with little (if any) flexibility. And lone mortgage brokers, while competitive, may have limited partnerships.

At Capital Plus, we’ve teamed up with 15 different lenders and banks to offer you 95%
of all the mortgage options available in the market. Loans arranged through third party providers.

This is our way of ensuring you and your family get only what suits you best.

Mortgage services we offer

Residential mortgages

Mortgage refinance

Equity Loans

Residential mortgages

Get the best rates and repayment plans, perfect for you

A residential mortgage may be for you if-

  • You want to stop throwing money away on rent
  • You want to upsize to a bigger property because your family is growing, or downsize as you are new empty-nesters
  • You want to get a second foothold in the real estate market with an investment property

There are many types of residential mortgages on the market, Some offer
lower interest rates, while others allow you to make a smaller down payment.

At Capital Plus, we can offer you an incredible range of unique loans, such as:

  • FHA loans (with up to 96.5% financed)
  • Adjustable Rate loans
  • High Balance loans
  • Jumbo loans (up to 90% financed)
  • Fixed Rate loans
  • No tax returns Loans.

If your situation is unique, we can also offer you non-conforming loans. These can help you close even
if you have limited documentation, or the property does not fit regular guidelines.

Rest assured we will help match you only with the mortgage loan that best fits you and your family.

Mortgage refinance

Take advantage of better rates to save more or get more flexibility in your budget

A mortgage refinance may be right for you if-

  • You want to cut 5, 10, 15 or even up to 20 years off the life of your loan
  • You want to slash the amount of interest you have to pay by taking advantage of lower market rates
  • You want free up more room in your budget by paying less each month

When market rates hit all-time lows or your monthly income increases, refinancing your mortgage could save you tens of thousands of dollars in interest. On the other hand, if you are in a rough patch, refinancing can help lower your monthly payments so you can meet them more easily.

Whatever your situation, we will find the right refinancing plan to suit you.

Equity Loans

Getting you extra funds when you need them most

An equity loan may be right for you if-

  • You need to renovate and want to free up cash fast without asking for a separate loan
  • You want to sell and your agent recommends restoring your property before putting it on the market
  • You have some large, unexpected expenses that need taking care of quickly

A cash out mortgage refinance is simpler than it sounds and in many cases,
can be cheaper than taking out a home equity loan or cash advance.

By switching from your original mortgage to a new one with a slightly higher balance,
you can gain access to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to take care of your family’s immediate needs

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